West Coast Trail

So I finally got home from doing the west coast trail. IT was long and wet and gray and rainy, the sun came out in the last kilometer of the hike. Which we gps’d and its not 75km it was 101km. Sonya and I did this hike in 6 days but knowing what I know now I probably would’ve done it in 7 or 8 days so you can enjoy the trail more. We had some long intense days in the beginning, we started from Port Renfrew and worked our way north. The first day e we’re doing about 1 km in an hour and 15 minutes so we didn’t make it to campers bay cause we didn’t’ want to hike in the dark so we set up camp at trisle creek about 1/2km away.  Day 2 was ladder day, which we thought was ladders all day long turned out to be extensive boardwalks thru bogs and 3 sets of very high ladders over Sandstone Creek, Culite Creek and Logan Creek. I pulled my tricep muscle in the bog area after the first set of ladders so the rest of the day was fun. The suspension bridge over Logan creek I almost didn’t make it over( I’m scared of heights and that bridge was swaying pretty good from the wind). We set up camp at Walbran Creek. Day 3 was beach day and Chez Monique’s so it was a nice easy day with a burger that I only managed to eat half of because it was so big. Got into Cribs creek around 2 so we set up camp and had a nice relaxing afternoon. Day 4 was out longest day we had a ferry to catch at Nitinat narrows another place you can have fresh salmon and crab cooked for you. We managed to get to the hole in the wall when the tide was going out and continued to Tsusiat falls campsite. Night 4 it poured so hard all night. Day 5 was wait for a break in the rain,pack our stuff and go. Huge ladders back up to the main trail. This day we saw a bear at 18km and had 2 river crossings which were hard because they were so swollen from the rain and the tide was coming in but we made it to Michigan creek and this is our last night on the trail. Day 6 we did in 4.75 hours which was about 16km and we we’re so done, tired of being wet. This trail was beautiful. I wish the weather was better so we couldve seen more of the views.