Parker Ridge Trail

Parker ridge was the third hike we did while in jasper but this trail is actually in Banff it’s just past the Columbia Ice fields. Anyone hiking in this area it’s a must see. The views are amazing from the top. It’s about 5km round trip and it’s a well worn trail. There’s switch backs but it’s a moderate hike. There’s a 250 meter elevation gain. The Saskatchewan glacier is in full view once you get to the top. You can either go down alone the ridge or up. Lots of little critters running around up there. If you want to beat the crowds early morning or evening would be the best time to go. Plus you’ll be the heat in the summer. 


Maligne Canyon & Maligne Lake 

So this is a must see but I would advise either going early morning or in the evening when there’s less people. We went mid day and there were so many tourists. This canyon has three different loops you can do and the canyon itself is pretty amazing to look at. Parks Canada estimates it’s about 2hrs to do the big loop. Sonya & I headed down to maligne lake after this and it was even busier. There’s boat rentals and tours you can get of the lake. Lots of day hikes and short little trails around. We just sat by the lake for awhile to take a break. 

Pyramid overlook trail

This little 2 hr hike gives you some amazing views of Jasper. Elevation gain is only 75 meters. Part way up there’s a set of red chairs. You can find three sets of these chairs in the park. They are in national parks across Canada. This is an easy trail to hike there is also trail riding available here as well. This was our first hike of the day. 

Athabasca Falls

The falls are a huge tourist attraction in Jasper although you can avoid the crowds if you go early in the morning or in the evening. These aren’t the biggest falls in Canada but they are still pretty amazing. The railings are there for a reason do not climb over them. 

Directions: the parking lot is 30km south of jasper on highway 93a. Can’t miss al the signs.