West Coast Trail

So I have 5 1/2 more weeks till I head down to Vancouver Island to do this trail!!! I’m so excited!!! I have pretty much everything i need for the trip now, just a few minor things left to get. Sonya and I still have to get our food menu together before I get there but we should have that figured out this week 🙂 I have spent months reading blogs and books to plan this hike. I’ve also had my parents helping me since they’ve done it twice in the early 70’s shortly after this trail was opened. They did not have the luxury of ladders and bridges and cable cars or a restaurant halfway. I spent a good few days making a packing list as we’re trying to go as light as possible. I spent a long time researching the best pack for the job and I ended up going with the Osprey Aura AG 65 liter pack. It doesn’t even feel like i have a pack on at all. I spent a lot of time doing day hikes with it to get use to and I love it.


Being in a small town has its limits with shopping especially when you’re trying to gear up in winter. So I tried to shop local as much as I could but I ended up ordering most of my stuff online because with free shipping it was still cheaper then buying it here. I will be updating this page as the hike gets closer August 28th is when i start sept 2nd I will be out.

So I have 4 weeks left now and last week my knee went out on me. Super frustrating it doesn’t hurt but its cracking and popping every stride I take. Good thing is its not serious i just have to continue to do my knee stability exercises. I’ve been doing short hikes everyday this week testing it out and it seems fine, it’s still making noise but it’s way  better then it was. Yesterday I loaded my pack up with 90% of the stuff I’ll be carrying and to my surprise it was only 27lbs. Which is good news because my max weight was 35 lbs. I did 3km hike yesterday in 30 degree heat and was only 5 minutes slower then the day before. I average about 13-16 minutes per kilometer. I must say I love my trekking poles with a full pack going up hills!!! Usually I get so annoyed with them I trow them in the bush. Only thing I need to work on is getting the weight in my pack properly so it’s not pulling so much on my shoulders.

So I just got home from this hike and it was by far the hardest hike ive ever done, partly because im use to going up mountains and then down not up and down all the time and there were so many roots to deal with it made for slow going the first day. But Ican check this hike off my bucket list!!